Major Research Paper

‘You Know What We Stand For’: The Divisions, Personalities, and Experiments of Organized Labour in Hamilton’s Municipal Elections, 1933-1985

This research paper used 52 years of archival material and in-person interviews to examine the municipal political strategy of labour unions, socialist groups, the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, and the New Democratic Party in Hamilton during the 20th century.

You can find a PDF here.


Major Research Paper

Hiding in the Bushes: The Social and Political Dynamics in Near-Campus Communities and the Case of Student Housing in Hamilton, Ontario

Using the case of student housing surrounding McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, an analysis of the location of private market rentals and the perceptions of the established community of a ‘creeping studentification’ are tied to conflicts that effective planning strategies and municipal regulation can address. (And, in a personal victory, I was able to work an Arkells song lyric into the title.)

You can find a PDF here.



There’s a Party at City Hall: Political Party Networks and Candidate Diversity in Canadian Municipal Elections

This research is in progress. For more information, please see my page on the 2018 Survey of Candidates in Municipal Office in both Ontario and British Columbia.