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McMaster Student Union - Presidential Election, 2012

During my time as an undergraduate student at McMaster University, I became involved in student politics through the McMaster Student Union (MSU). After being elected to the Student Representative Assembly as a representative of the Faculty of Humanities and to the Executive Board of the student union, I stood for the presidency of the MSU in a hotly contested race with four other exceptionally qualified, dedicated, and passionate students. 

I was unsuccessful in this race, though I learned so much about my fellow students, my campus, and the intense amount of preparation required to run a large campaign. This election was run using an Instant Runoff Ranked Ballot.

  • Office Sought - President of the McMaster Student Union
  • Campaign Length - 2 weeks
  • Vote Totals -
    • 1,213 votes/18.09% (round 1)
    • 1,419 votes/21.17% (round 2) 
    • 1,711 votes/25.53% (round 3)
  • End Result - 3 out of 5 candidates
  • Electors -
    • 22,388 eligible 
    • 6,703 voters 
    • 33.4% voter turnout

Further reading: A campaign video focusing on my platform to improve campus food.

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Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board - Ward 1&2 Trustee Election, 2014

Local politics is my passion and, in 2014, I finally took the leap and launched a campaign for the position of school trustee in West Hamilton, where I had made my home since 2012. This was my first general election campaign at the municipal level, though I had sought an interim appointment to the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board after a long-term trustee passed away in 2013. 

As with my MSU Presidential run, I was unsuccessful in this race. This election posed a number of challenges, as I was attending grad school in Toronto full-time while campaigning. Though I had the help of some amazing friends, I had a very small campaign team, an even smaller budget, and a huge area to cover. I gave it my best, but placed 5th in the race.

  • Office Sought - School Trustee for Wards 1&2, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
  • Campaign Length - 292 days -OR- 9 months, 19 days
  • Vote Totals -1,335 votes/12.3%
  • End Result - 5 out of 5 candidates
  • Electors -
    • 43,767 eligible
    • 10,852 voters
    • 24.79% voter turnout

Further reading: A Hamilton Spectator article on the trustee slate I helped organize to stop the closure of community schools.