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About the Survey of Candidates for Municipal Office in Canada

The 2018 Survey of Candidates for Municipal Office in Canada will be rolling out this summer, capturing the opinions, perspectives, and unique personalities of those seeking public office at the local level.

This survey aims to provide me with primary sources to help better understand why candidates seek office, their identities, and their relationships to political organizations and groups. With this work, I hope to gain a better understanding of local government in Canada.

No individually-identifying characteristics will be released and only aggregated responses to the questions will be presented. No one, other than myself and my direct supervisor, will know a candidate's specific answers.

If you are a candidate who has received the survey and are seeking more information, please contact me at If you are seeking more information on the Research Ethics approval for this project, please contact McGill’s Research Ethics Manager, Lynda McNeil at, referencing project file #: 8-0618